Teen Limmud

Teen Limmud runs from UK school years 7 – 13, encompassing ages 12 - 18. We start between 10 and 10.30am until 4-4.30pm depending on the main conference’s schedule.

We invite the most interesting and dynamic presenters on conference to come and speak specifically to our teen participants. Some of the presenters we regularly have are renowned names and world class thinkers. It is an incredible opportunity for teens to hear them speak and learn from them in this kind of exclusive setting. The material is never patronising nor do we talk down to the teens who come to Limmud. We value listening to your intelligent questions and opinions as much as any other participant at Limmud Conference.

We incorporate some main conference sessions into the teen programme so you can start to experience an adult conference. This has been incredibly successful so far and we have always received excellent feedback from presenters about behaviour and questions from teens in their sessions. We are working with our outstanding programming team for 2016 to ensure there are accessible, relevant and interesting sessions scheduled at those times.

This year we also hope to provide a better idea of what sessions will be open to teens in main conference outside of Teen Limmud hours. We will recommend various sessions with a symbol in the handbook that will indicate the presenter has prepared something that younger participants will be interested in and that they are comfortable having teens in their session.

In 2015 we ran an afternoon set of sessions that were split into three tracks. These were volunteering, hadracha (leadership training) and creative. The volunteering track emphasised the voluntary nature of Limmud and showed teen participants a fraction of the jobs that need to be done and the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining Limmud conference – all by volunteers. The hadracha track culminated in leading a session for a Young Limmud year group and encouraged responsibility and leadership in our potential future Limmud organisers.

If you have any questions on our Young or Teen Limmud programme please email conf16-ytl@limmud.org.