For young people

For young people

Reception - Year 6

Like Limmud Conference, Young and Teen Limmud (YTL) is thriving. We are more committed than ever to providing an authentic Limmud vibe, culture and experience to young participants aged 4 - 11.

YTL is run by an exceptional group of experienced and enthusiastic madrichim (leaders), who dedicate their time to writing specific, age-appropriate activities for their groups, and welcoming the best of Limmud Conference's presenters into the YTL hub.

The YTL day runs in parallel with the Conference day, starting at 9:00 am and running throughout the afternoon.

This year in YTL you get the best of Conference. We offer all the best bits of Limmud. Like an exquisite taster plate in a restaurant, we prove a platter of Conference:

  • the best Conference presenters;
  • tailored activities run by madrichim;
  • a great chance to meet new people;
  • you very own YTL Conference handbook; and
  • an inclusive attitude to children with additional needs.

To ensure your child is given the highest quality of care, please ensure you fill out all YTL forms in full. If your child has any additional needs you will receive a call from our dedicated Welfare Officer, so you can explain full how we can provide the appropriate support for you and your child.

Years 7 - 12

This year we are incorporating year 7 & 8 into Teen Limmud so that they can enjoy a tailored programme that emphasises choice, independence, and responsibility. Participants will have the opportunity to meet presenters and hear them speak exclusively on a number of topics.

Years 9-12 participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a leadership skills programme and will benefit from a separate programme track within Teen Limmud. We want to encourage responsibility and leadership in our potential future Limmud Conference Chairs.

Our Teen programme is probably best known for its eye-catching creative Tzedaka project that raises thousands of pounds for causes chosen by them.

Year 13

This year we are asking young people in year 13 to join our leadership team.

As a junior member of the YTL team you will receive excellent training and get to experience conference from a different point of view. Please email to register your interest.

Younger Children

Our smallest Limmudniks receive high quality care in the Limmud Nursery, for babies and pre-reception children.

And in the evening?

Limmud Conference provides stimulating activities for young participants in the evening too, giving parents and guardians some peace and quiet!

NightClub runs from 6:55pm to 10:00pm and is a space for more relaxed entertainment, including films, games and arts and crafts, for children aged 8 - 12.

Conference also offers a free baby listening service.


You can find more information about Families at Limmud Conference in the Coming As A Family page.