Conference Makers and other Volunteers

Limmud Conference is made possible by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, without whom Conference wouldn't exist. If you'd like to get involved with organising Limmud Conference 2016, we'd love to have you join us! Just get in touch.

Here are the latest opportunities available for Conference 2016.


On Conference (Conference Makers)

On Conference (other volunteer opportunities)

Pre-Conference and other roles


In advance of Conference, we are looking for some volunteers to make calls to people with special access or other needs, to ensure that their stay at Limmud is as easy and comfortable as possible; and potentially to co-ordinate one of the groups who will be coming to Limmud as part of an organised day trip.

Registration organising (pre Conference)

We are looking for volunteers to help with the logistics of registration. This may include badge printing, envelope stuffing or bag packing. Based in London.

Other roles

We'll update this page regularly. In addition, some of the CM roles below have pre-Conference elements, or require volunteers to co-ordinate and lead teams of CMs.

If you have a specific role in mind please contact the Volunteers team:

On Conference (Conference Makers)

What is a Conference Maker?

The Conference Maker scheme is aimed at Limmud Conference participants who wish to volunteer their time to help make Conference happen.

In addition to meeting loads of new people, developing new skills and contributing to the Conference experience, Conference Makers benefit from paying a reduced rate to attend Conference. Conference Makers will have the opportunity to choose between contributing 10 or 20 hours to Limmud over the duration of Conference; plus a new "Shabbat CM" rate:

Tier 1 - 10 Hours: 2-2.5 hours per day for a £100 discount

Tier 2 - 20 Hours: 4-5 hours per day for a £200 discount (£230 until the end of November)

Shabbat CM - 6 Hours: 6 hours over Shabbat & Saturday night for a £60 discount (can be combined with Tier 1-2)

Please choose your Conference Maker tier carefully. We have designed a system which allows everybody to become an active part of Limmud Conference; every Conference Maker hour is essential to the running of Limmud.

As a Conference Maker, you will also be required to attend an introductory session on Sunday at Limmud Conference and have the opportunity to take part in a social event a few weeks before Conference.

Conference Makers will be allocated a role based on their preferences on the application form. We will try to allocate each Conference Maker to their preferred role, but this may not be possible in every case.

What does being a Conference Maker require?

Enthusiasm, commitment, and a desire to get involved in making Limmud Conference a special experience for all participants. There will be a pre-Conference event, which is your chance to meet other Conference Makers on your team and to prepare for your role.

The full Conference Maker terms and conditions can be read here.

What if I don't get the role I want?

The new Conference Maker scheme allows for a great deal of flexibility. For this reason, once you have selected your preferred roles, we will endeavour to allocate accordingly. We expect that you will embrace your assigned role with aplomb, but if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from fulfilling certain roles, please be in touch with us via:

Conference Maker Roles




Young and Teen Limmud

Other Conference Maker Roles

Shabbat (separate scheme)

(Depending on the Conference Maker Tier you select, you may be allocated to 1 or more roles during your Limmud Conference Experience)


Shifts are from 19:30 – 23:30 - Sunday – Wednesday TBC

Our baby-listeners provide a baby listening service for settled-in-bed and sleeping children (under 8s) in the evening. You will work in small teams, and if a child wakes, your job is to settle them as per the parents' instructions, and to contact the parents if the child does not settle.

Our baby-listeners see this as a great opportunity to get to daytime sessions, enjoy a little peace and quiet (we hope) with a few other Conference Makers in the evening, and then get back to main Conference to enjoy the late night activities.

Key roles:

-listening out for children waking up

-assisting with fire marshalling


Shifts are from 7:00 to 00:00 on a variety of roles – Sunday – Thursday TBC

Come and help with one of the biggest jobs at conference: the food! This is your chance to interact with hundreds of participants and have fun doing it. Wide variety of shifts available, from helping parents at family breakfast time, managing the queue in the grab & go rush hour, all the way through to dinner.

Key roles:

-Supervising dining queues

-Helping parents in the family dining room

-Answering queries

-Assisting diners, for example those who have ordered gluten free meals


Shifts are from 9:00 – 16:00 - Monday – Thursday TBC

Limmud Nursery provides daytime care for children aged 4 years and under. You must love toys, songs, noise, soft play, glue, paint, mess, dressing up and of course, small people! Come and join our lively, dedicated team, make new friends and help care for some of the most inspiring participants at Conference! Experience not necessary - enthusiasm essential!

Key roles:

-Singing nursey rhymes

-Reading the hungry caterpillar story

Young and Teen Limmud

Shifts are from 12:30 – 16:30 – Sunday – Thursday TBC

Young and Teen Limmud (YTL) is a programme for Limmud’s younger participants (Reception-Y13) during the daytime. In this role you will be working with a room leader to run pre-prepared sessions and activities with the children, facilitate presenter sessions, play games and generally help them to have a fantastic time at conference. If you have experience working with young people through youth movements, summer camps or in any other capacity this is the perfect role for you. There are also potentially some roles available as a key worker focusing on a single child who may have Special Educational Needs to help them get the most out of YTL too.

For this role, you will require an updated DBS certificate. We will provide advice on filling in forms.

Key roles:

-Helping with presenter sessions

-Playing wah! And duck duck goose!

Other Conference Maker Roles

There are some limited roles which will be available to a handful of Conference Makers. These includes registration, and social programming, amongst others. Please indicate in the comments box on the form if this is something you are interested in, and you will be contacted by the Volunteers team to see if we can accommodate your request.


Shifts are from 07:00 – 01:00 Friday – Sunday TBC

Help make the magic of a Limmud Shabbat happen!

If you are applying to be a Conference Maker, and you also want to come for Shabbat, you can take on the role of a Shabbat Conference Maker! You will receive a discount of £60 from the total cost of Shabbat on Conference.

You will be asked to take on one or more roles including registration, resources, helpdesk and families to help us build the unbeatable Limmud Shabbat atmosphere. This role involves volunteering for 6 hours over Shabbat and Saturday night, and we ask that you arrive early on Friday to be properly briefed. After Shabbat you may also help with set-up and fill in for other CM roles.

(The Conference Maker hours over Shabbat do not affect your Conference Maker Tier for the rest of Conference)

Key roles:

-Social programming

-Setting up Shabbat events such as candle-lighting and Havdalah

-Creating beautiful Shabbat dining experiences

On Conference (other volunteer opportunities)

Volunteering is what makes Limmud Conference – help us create a community through doing. For the past year a team of dedicated Volunteers has tirelessly given their time and skills to make this Limmud Conference happen; now its YOUR turn!


We are looking for an on-site co-ordinator to liaise with the shuttle bus drivers on conference. Shuttle buses transport people between hotels, the main site, and families’ site multiple times a day, and provide a warm form of travel for attendees. This role would suit someone with excellent communication and organisational skills.

Bag packing

On the Saturday night after Limmud Shabbat, come along to the bag-packing party! We will be preparing for the arrival of hundreds of participants for Conference. All volunteers are welcome to this annual event. Venue on Conference coming soon….

Hillel says, "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?" (Pirkei Avot 1:14)

Please let us what you are interested in, any skills or talents you may have, or any spare time you may want to dedicate to the Limmud Community at Conference. Your preferences will be considered by the Volunteering team, and you will be contacted so we can include you in making Limmud Conference 2016 happen. If you are interested in volunteering at Limmud Conference 2016 please contact the Volunteering Team at