Families and Kids

Welcoming Families to Conference

Limmud Conference is a unique family experience. Our aim is to create:

  • Space for children to hang out with their peers and journey through their own Limmud pathway
  • Opportunities for parents to immerse themselves in the Limmud community
  • Time for parents and children to learn together and reconnect as a family

We personalise the family experience at Conference to ensure that all ages enjoy the best that Limmud has to offer with some unique opportunities along the way.

The programme

The full Young and Teen Limmud (YTL) and nursery programme begins after lunch on Sunday afternoon. If you opt for early check-in on Saturday night, there will be family sessions timetabled for Sunday morning.

Limmud does not offer childcare provision during Shabbat. However, there are Shabbat sessions for families to attend together and a families Shabbat lounge with some toys. Please refer to the Shabbat Limmud page for more details

Young children (pre-school)

Our smallest Limmud participants receive high quality care in the Limmud Nursery, for babies (3 months and older), toddlers, and pre-reception children. The Nursery consists of morning and afternoon sessions. Babies and younger children will need to be collected for lunch. Our nursery is managed by experienced, qualified childcare professionals, and benefits from its own soft play room, arts educator and guest appearances from main conference presenters.

Reception to Year 6 (Young Limmud)

Young Limmud is an important part of Limmud Conference. It is thriving and growing to meet the needs of its participants and we are more committed than ever to providing an authentic Limmud experience to participants aged 4 - 11.

Young Limmud is run by an exceptional group of experienced and enthusiastic madrichim (leaders), who dedicate their time to writing specific, age-appropriate activities for their groups. We also invite the best of Limmud Conference's presenters to run Young Limmud sessions and these are often incredibly rewarding to presenters and participants alike.

The Young Limmud day runs within the Conference day structure, starting between 9 and 9.30am and running to between 3.45 and 4.30pm depending on the programming times for the main Limmud Conference.

As a Young Limmud participant you will have:

  • Some of the best Conference presenters
  • Age appropriate, tailored activities run by madrichim
  • The chance to make excellent, potentially life-long friends

As a parent, guardian or carer of a participant you can expect:

  • An inclusive attitude to all children from any background or with additional needs
  • Attentive, well trained leaders who will facilitate the high quality experience of Limmud for your child
  • A variety of age appropriate sessions to further your child’s creative, learning and Jewish experience

Year 7 and upwards (Teen Limmud)

Please refer to the separate Teen Limmud page


Limmud is committed to inclusivity for all children. To ensure your child is given the highest quality of care, please ensure you fill out all Nursery and YTL forms in full. If your child has any additional needs you will receive a call from our dedicated Welfare Officer, so you can explain full how we can provide the appropriate support for you and your child.

Family programming

Once the Nursery and YTL day is over, parents and children reconnect in the family lounge and can participate together in a variety of sessions before and after dinner. Highlights include family learning sessions, art and crafts, concerts, physical fun and games, plus the ever-popular bedtime story events.

Family accommodation

We have exclusive use of the Crowne Plaza hotel at Pendigo Lake which we will be dedicating entirely to Limmud families.

Family dining, nursery and baby listening, and part of the YTL programme will be based in the Crowne Plaza too. The remainder of YTL will be based in the Hilton.

Please note that all accommodation for Limmud Conference can only be booked through Limmud and not via any of the hotels directly.

There is a short lakeside walk (10 minutes) from the Crowne Plaza to the Hilton where the majority of the main Conference programming will be held.

Before Limmud Conference begins, you will be contacted by a volunteer to discuss your family's rooming requirements.

Families Pricing

Prices will include accommodation, all meals, and access to the full Limmud Conference 2016 programme, including families programming, YTL, nursery, NightClub and our baby-listening service.

View the complete price list for Limmud Conference 2016.

Please note that:

  • Family accommodation is limited, and as we want as many families as possible at Limmud, we need to make best use of the rooms we have available. In general we will allocate one room for every two people in your party, though there are exceptions to this.

  • Children under the age of 24 months will not be allocated their own room. Please bring your own travel cot and bedding for them.

  • If you have up to three children of primary school age or younger, they will be allocated one bedroom to share. If you can, please bring an airbed for one of the children. If you can't, a limited number of Limmud airbeds will be available.

  • We do understand that some parents would prefer their child to be with them in their room even if they are older than 24 months; in this case please let us know on the 'any other information' box of the parental consent form. You also may want to bring an airbed with you.

  • We strongly recommend bringing a mattress protector if you think it may be required. The Crowne Plaza have a very limited number of these available, and any permanent damage to the hotel's fixtures will be charged directly to the room's occupants - Limmud do not have the power to vary or waive these charges.

Evening provision


We know that Limmud can be hard work with kids! In order to ease the burden and to make certain that our community continues to be a multi-generational and all-inclusive one, we are delighted to again be offering a baby listening service in the Crowne Plaza for children aged 11 or under. This service will allow parents four nights when they can enjoy Limmud evening programming while volunteers sit in the corridors outside their children's room from 7.30pm until 11:30pm. They will phone you if your children wake up and need you.

This year, we will be asking parents to pitch in 2 hours of volunteer baby listening per family in order to make this important service possible and sustainable.

To clarify: only one parent will be asked to do one two-hour shift per family, and only during a single conference night. If you are coming by yourself with your child(ren), we will ask you to do one hour of volunteering to help the Families at Limmud, but this won’t necessarily be baby listening. Roles could include helping in the dining room, or with registration or setup, and we’ll be in touch to arrange that.

Parents who apply for Conference 2016, will be rota-d on for the aforementioned volunteering shifts (don't worry, we'll make sure you it doesn't clash with sessions you may be presenting!).

Volunteering is at the very heart of Limmud and we hope that this small contribution might capture that spirit for families. However, if you are already doing a lot of Limmud volunteering, or have a particular reason why doing a baby-listening or other volunteer shift would be really difficult for you, please do email us at conf16-families@limmud.org.

Families with children in years 3 to 8

NightClub runs from approximately 19:30-21:30 each night and is a supervised space for more relaxed entertainment, including films and games.

Families with older children and teenagers

Older children are welcome to participate in the main conference evening programme. There will also be a dedicated chill-out space for those in years 9 to 12.

I’m 16. Can I come to Conference alone?

If you’re 16 or 17 and you want to come without a parent or guardian please call the Limmud office +44 (0)20 3115 1620 to discuss.