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Presenters - I

Ben Gurion International

Ben Gurion International is famous since he was young, just like his chanteuse mum Orly. He won the Shiru-Shir-Negev regional-song-competition at youthful age of eight. Ben's dream Eurovision appearance almost came when he was joint seventh in Israel-Song-for-Europe Contest. Loved in Bulgaria and FYROM, he is also a dental-assistant.


Shoshi Ish-Horowicz

Shoshi is an incorrigible book lover who has been attending and enjoying Limmud for many years. This year she is delighted to bring these two passions together by co-hosting the Limmud book club. Outside the world of Conference, she teaches English at a London secondary school.


Steve Israel

Steve is an informal Jewish and Israel educator working in Jerusalem. He was born in England and made aliyah in the 1970s and works independently - teaching, training and writing educational materials in Israel and central Europe.


Tracy Israel

Organisation: Cardiff Reform Synagogue

Tracy is a member of Cardiff Reform Synagogue and in October 2013 was appointed as the Synagogue's new Development Officer. Tracy is focusing on the community's sustainability into the future with a focus on inreach, outreach as well as educational and social initiatives.


Mario Izcovich

Organisation: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Mario is director of Leatid, the European centre for Jewish leadership, and director of its pan European programmes. He is a psychologist and lives in Barcelona with his wife and two children.