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Sessions for Monday, 10:40 - 11:40

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'The Story of the Jews' - revisited (2 of 4)

Chaim Weiner
Location: Sci 8

An in-depth look at the stories behind the stories of Simon Schama's 'The Story of the Jews' which was recently aired on BBC 2. A combination of biblical, rabbinic, archaeological and historical texts add colour and detail to the fascinating narrative of the history of the Jews as presented in this popular programme. This session: 'Among Christians and Muslims'.

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A journalist under apartheid: what it was like

Benjamin Pogrund
Location: Ram 1

A journalist's journey through years of exposing apartheid in South Africa. He dealing with authoritarian government and reporting on Nelson Mandela, Helen Suzman, Barney Zackon and General Van den Bergh.

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A time for everything: how the Jewish calendar can help you to declutter your life

Juliet Landau-Pope
Location: Rootes Chancellors 1

Are you overwhelmed by too much stuff? Is your schedule overloaded with commitments? Or is there too much going on in your mind? This session looks at the impact of clutter - both material and metaphorical in our busy lives. It focuses on the Jewish calendar as a way of exploring strategies for managing time and space more effectively.

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Alphabet meditation from the Kabbalah (2 of 2)

Roland Brandman
Location: Soc 8 (HaMakom)

'Bask in the Blessing...and Link Letters.' (Medieval Jewish poem). Kabbalistic meditations often involve reciting letters in combinations to achieve a level of heightened meditative focus and leading eventually to union with the Divine. In session 2, we will up our game and try practising with 4 letters. For beginners and experts alike.

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Elephant in the room, children in the Shul

Sara Bucciarelli Zanardo
Location: Ram 8

Getting (very) young ones and their families involved in synagogue's life is a challenge many of us experience as parents, grandparents, educators, rabbis. Starting from our memories and experiences, we'll have a look at different possible models: family/children services, 'integrated' services, cheder, playgroups and more. Family friendly.

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Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about medieval Jewish philosophy: the nature of God (2 of 4)

Daniel Rynhold
Location: Sci 4

John Lennon once sang 'God is a concept by which we measure our pain', which would make this session pretty excruciating. Thankfully, Maimonides wrote that regarding God, silence is best, which would at least make it very short. Find out what the leading medieval Jewish philosophers thought about God, and whether or not any of them were actually onto anything.

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Flaschenbriefe - letters from the Berlin Post 1941-44

Claire Hilton
Location: Sci 1

Paul Post, a Christian, spent the war trying to ensure his Jewish-born wife's survival in Germany. He wrote weekly letters to his son, then a doctor in England. The letters could not be posted, but were given to the son after the war. We explore some of this historical treasure trove translated into English. All new material, never previously presented.

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God's Voice everywhere: a serious conversation about the efficacy of prayer and whether or not God is listening

Elyse Frishman
Location: Ram 2

Does God listen? Can prayer make a difference? A serious conversation about the efficacy of prayer, based on texts from Mishkan Tefilah (the 2007 American Reform siddur) and rabbinic, Chasidic and contemporary sources.

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Guns in the classroom: the curse of Yoav

Raphael Zarum
Location: Sci 3

He was David's nephew and loyal Army General, but in the end everything went bad. The rabbis trace Yoav's temper and ferocity to his school days and turn him into the bogeyman of every new Jewish studies teacher. Careful, every vowel matters…

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Limmud-Paideia cafe of Ideas: which ideas in Judaism do you find most problematic? (2 of 3)

Agata Kaplon, Oriol Poveda, Anneli Rådestad, Barbara Lerner Spectre
Location: Ram 3

The point of this session is to be able to take a look at Judaism in a way that is honest and does not succumb to the temptation of triumphalism. This session is essential for those who cherish critical thinking, understand its essential place in democracy, and who fear the tendency of intercultural conversations to become contests.

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Making a home in two places (or more) at once: the joys and oys of transnational family life

Shawn Landres, Zuzana Landres
Location: Ram 7

Do your family reunions require a passport? From languages to parenting styles to schooling to holiday foods to intense visits 'home', building a truly multi-national family takes perseverance and patience. If you're part of an international or multi-continental couple or clan, please join this informal facilitated discussion to get acquainted, share stories and advice, and make new connections. Babies welcome!

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Poetry to delight the senses - a special Limmud reading

Marvin Shaw
Location: Ram 5

A special selection of readings from Marvin's published and unpublished works. Designed to delight the senses and stimulate the soul. Come along and be entertained, challenged and blown away by spell-binding stories and audacious ideas in glorious poetic form. Recited by the author of 'Poetry for Health - The Power of Poetry to Heal and Fulfil'

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Policing the borders of Judaism: idolatry (2 of 4)

Joel Levy
Location: Soc 5 (Beit Midrash)

All cultures need to patrol the murky border between creativity and heresy; between acceptable and unacceptable forms of behaviour and belief. In this four-part series we will explore how Judaism has maintained this complex boundary. We will use multiple case studies from different historical periods to see how the rabbinic tradition has dealt with idolatry, heresy and individuality.

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Revolutionising adult Jewish education one click at a time: Jewish Food For Thought, the animated series - gratitude and envy

Hanan Harchol
Location: Sci 2

In this session, Hanan discusses his project, Jewish Food For Thought; screens two episodes dealing with gratitude and envy, and uses the animations and accompanying study guides to fuel lively discussion on the topics. This project was created with generous funding by The Covenant Foundation.

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Teshuva in thought and law: the comparative innovations of Rabbis Kook and Soloveitchik

Jeffrey Saks
Location: Soc 5 (Beit Midrash)

Rabbis Kook and Soloveitchik were the two most prominent and innovative Orthodox Jewish thinkers of the 20th century. There are many parallels in their philosophy and many divergences – of opinion, approach and emphasis. This Beit Midrash session will explore and compare their thinking on the central religious topic of Teshuva (Repentance) as both a halachic and philosophical topic.

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Texts on ageing

Susan Berrin
Location: Sci 5

We will explore texts on ageing, such as the Midrash about the two sets of tablets: the first, broken into shards when Moses descended saw the golden calf, were kept along with the second whole tablets, in the Ark. What does Judaism teach about the elderly's capacity to adapt? What does Judaism teach about reverence and honour?

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The audacity and beauty of multi-cultural education

Hagit Damri
Location: Soc 4

Hagit Damri, executive director of Hagar: Jewish/Arab education for equality, will share the story of a bilingual, bi-cultural educational framework in the Negev, Israel. Hagar was created out of a desire to bring together two divided communities through the process of raising a new generation of children immersed in peace.

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The children's service survival guide

Michael Laitner, Jason Marantz
Location: Sci 7

This session is aimed at those who take children's services for ages 7-12. We will discuss techniques to engage and stimulate discussion and learning. Bring your own ideas because part of the session will be for sharing good practice. Not only will we learn to survive, but we will aim to thrive!

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The neuroscience of teshuva: neuroplasticity & personal change (2 of 4)

Mona Fishbane
Location: Ram 4

Teshuva is a core value in Judaism. But can we really change in the deep ways that teshuva requires? This session explores the neurobiology of habits and of change. Why is change so hard? We will discuss ways to harness the power of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change--throughout life.

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The official Limmud treasure hunt

Limmud Social Programming Team
Location: SU Copper Rooms 2

If you can solve our riddle, You'll get here in a diddle, It's time that you were tested, Attentions will be arrested, Your epic quest starts soon, We'll cu in this room...

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The road to now: musical stepping stones

Judith Silver
Location: Arts - Ensemble

In March 2013, at the JCM conference in Germany, Judith was called on to do a performance at short notice. With only an afternoon of planning, what emerged was a set of the songs which she felt were particularly significant in her journey to her present place as a musician and the stories that went with them...

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The shrew, femme fatale, prima donna, and whore: four Talmudic heroines (1 of 4)

Gila Fine
Location: Soc 1

Yalta, the Shrew – Why are shrews always so vicious? How did the ancient world view the male/female body? And what possessed Yalta to smash 400 bottles of her husband's wine? The comic tale of Yalta, read through Aristotle, Shakespeare, Congreve, Brontë, Jean Rhys, Adrienne Rich, and R. Kook.

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The sustainability question for tiny Jewish communities across Europe

Tamas Buchler
Location: Soc 3

Smaller Jewish communities have their own specific challenges and we will explore some of them including the question of critical mass,and the issues of pluralism, infrastructure and intermarriage.

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The war on women in Israel (1 of 4)

Elana Sztokman
Location: Soc 2

This session will examine the spread of religious radicalism in Israel -- from buses to the kotel to the Knesset -- and the ways in which radicalism threatens the real lives of women in everyday life. It will also look at ways in which YOU can get involved to help stop the spread of radicalism.

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UK Jewish Film: 'Shtisel'

Linda Berkowitz, UK Jewish Film
Location: Arts - Cinema

Written by the team behind the hit TV series Srugim, this delicious, gentle family comedy follows Akiva, a shy yeshiva boy and his closely-knit, argumentative family.

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