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Sessions for Tuesday, 16:20 - 17:20

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A German-American rabbi in the Great War

Marc Saperstein
Location: Soc 7

When war began in August 1914, American Rabbis of German origin felt deep sympathy with German culture and strongly supported America's neutrality. One of the most talented and respected was Joseph Krauskopf of Congregation Keneseth Israel of Philadelphia. I will document his leadership with reference to the powerful addresses he delivered before and after American entrance into the war.

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Alienated women: making your synagogue more accessible (2 of 4)

Elana Sztokman
Location: Soc 6

This session will explore women's growing unhappiness with the standard synagogue experience and offer participants some practical and exciting ways to bring women back. The session will draw on successful examples from synagogues around the world.

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Bedouins in Israel - what's really going on?

Ismail Khaldi
Location: Ram 3

Gain first-hand insights into the challenges facing the Bedouin communities in Israel, plus the challenges being faced by the government. Where do they meet and what's the solution? As Israel's first Bedouin diplomat, Ismail faces the task of reconciling these two sets of challenges in order to make progress with an ancient community with deep roots in the Middle East.

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Bratslav chasidic meditation: Rabbi Nachman and his contemporary popularisers (3 of 4)

Tomer Persico
Location: Ram 7

The Bratslav Hasidic community is at this time experiencing an unprecedented burgeoning. As one of the primary sites for welcoming newly-religious Jews back into the fold, Bratslav is the fastest growing Hasidic group in Israel. Fast growth, however, brings fast changes. We shall examine the changes in Hitbodedut meditation practice amongst Rabbi Nachman's and his Contemporary Popularisers and their meaning.

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Danny Shine
Location: Ram 5

Most people agree it's gonna happen to all of us one day. Many of us have had experiences with it but rarely get a chance to share that with others. In the past, this session has evoked laughter and tears amongst other things. Please leave your expectations at the door. This session is for adults only.

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Flash mob

Maurice Stone, Ilai Szpiezak
Location: Arts - Butterworth

This is a short session to prepare you for Tuesday night's concert – if you have a sense of rhythm and want to have fun, join us and get the special T-shirt!

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Hillel versus Aher - reflections around a bird's nest

Andrea Zanardo
Location: Sci 1

Digging from a passage of Pirkei Avot we'll discover two opposite visions of the world. With some musings on justice.

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Is aliyah still the ultimate goal of Zionism?

Rael Goodman, Laura Janner-Klausner, Dov Lipman, Helena Miller, Michael Wegier
Location: Arts - Conference

For years Aliyah was the ultimate goal of the Zionist movement. Is Aliyah still relevant today? Should all Jews live in Israel? What does it mean to make Aliyah in 2013? Knesset member and rabbi Dov Lipman will take part in this panel which will examine and discuss these questions and more.

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Jewish identity in American cinema

Odeya Kohen Raz
Location: Soc 2

Jewish identity in American cinema is represented mainly through the portrayal of orthodox Jewish life, focusing on the stereotypic characteristics of scholarship, faith and isolation. Secular Jewish characters in American cinema tend to focus on intellectuals or civil rights fighters. In many films the conflict revolves around questions of assimilation and preserving Jewish identity, in contrast to an ideal Protestant one.

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Open Beit Midrash (2 of 3)

Limmud Beit Midrash Team
Location: Soc 5 (Beit Midrash)

Want to get stuck into some exciting Jewish texts? The Beit Midrash (study room) is always open for study. We have lots of books and other resources, in Hebrew and English, along with great teachers to help you if you get stuck and people eager to study. Come with a study partner or find one when you show up.

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Royal Jews

Jonathan Romain
Location: Soc 1

Jewish life has existed for a thousand years in and around the Royal County of Berkshire. Discover the surprisingly rich history of Jews there, from medieval traders to war-time evacuees to the community today: a story of kings and kashrut, bishops and bagels, Magna Carta and Maidenhead Synagogue – a curious inter-faith mix ranging from medieval confrontation to modern dialogue.

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Shmitta. Not for me

Natan Levy, Micha Odenheimer, Lara Smallman, Jude Williams
Location: Ram 4

Shmitta - the sabbatical year of rest and release - starts in September. Agriculture and commerce are simultaneously re-adjusted to enable a more equitable and healthy society, economy and environment. As are no longer an agrarian society can shmitta hold any relevance? Hear our panel explore texts, and their own organisational work in unlocking shmitta's potentially radical message and possibilities.

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Summit in the furnace: gendered readings of a Talmudic story

Tanya Zion-Waldoks
Location: Soc 5 (Beit Midrash)

Distinguished rabbi delayed in study hall. Wife, at home, awaits his belated return. Beggar risks looking up from his doorstep. And a miracle: the divine truth is exposed in the scorching neighborhood furnace. What does it mean? By closely reading the Talmudic story of Mar Ukba and his wife we will discuss gendered understandings of honour/shame, power, money and relationships.

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The Israeli Supreme Court: asylum seekers and non-Jewish immigration (2 of 3)

Ruvi Ziegler
Location: Sci 5

The session considers Supreme Court judgments on African asylum seekers and non-Jewish immigration, including: on what grounds can the State limit family unification rights of Arab citizens of Israel? Can the State base its policies towards African asylum seekers on demographic grounds? Should there be a clear path to permanent residence (and citizenship) for non-Jews?

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The poetry of imagination

Charlie Kane
Location: Soc 8 (HaMakom)

We will explore the creativity and imagination of our inner and outer worlds through writing and words, from the sincere to the silly. No writing experience necessary.

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The Two State Solution z"l, 1937-2013?

Robin Moss
Location: Ram 8

In 1937, the British Royal Commission (known as the Peel Commission) published the first serious proposal to divide the Land of Israel into a Jewish and an Arab state. In 2013, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are still seeking peace based on this 'two-state solution'. What are they discussing? What are the obstacles? What, if anything, has changed since 1937?

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The wandering musical gypsy and her Jewish heritage

Location: Arts - Studio

Born to an Iraqi family in Mexico, and spending her childhood between LA, New York and Mexico City, Nuriya gleaned a wealth of cultural experience now reflected in her musical tastes and compositions. In this session she traces the North African, Spanish and Mexican roots of Middle-Eastern music. Be prepared for entertaining musical interludes beginning eastward and ending in Mexico.

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UK Jewish Film: Ways of seeing, or being: the representation of Jewish women in British film and media

Maureen Kendler, UK Jewish Film
Location: Hum 1

We often complain that Jews are stereotyped on film. Women are stereotyped in film. We often complain that Brits are stereotyped on film. So do British Jewish women on film tick every possible cliché-box? Will we shrink from the portrayal or embrace it? Who do we see on screen? Ourselves?

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What is Jewish about Jewish history?

Aubrey Newman
Location: Soc 4

Jewish history was condemned originally as being too lachrymose. More recently historians have tried to place Jewish history into a much wider context. But in paying so much attention to the Holocaust are we in danger of reverting to that earlier model?

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Why is Jewish peoplehood failing?

David Suissa
Location: Ram 1

It's been called the biggest challenge and biggest failure of modern-day Judaism: how do you get new generations of Jews to feel loyalty to their 'tribe' in a politically-correct world where most feel more loyal to the 'human' tribe? David Suissa will identify the number one factor in instilling a sense of Jewish peoplehood in Jews everywhere.

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Wonderful painted scenes from the Torah (1 of 2)

Jeff Berger
Location: Sci 2

This session looks at several magnificent paintings of Torah scenes. Artists include Joseph Anton Koch, Francesco Hayez, Konstantin Flavitsky and more. Based educational material was crafted for two programmes aimed at teaching the weekly parasha to students in upper primary school in 2008-10

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Your name in lights!

Debra Band
Location: Soc 9

Debra Band offers a hands-on workshop in manuscript illumination, preceded by a 10-minute magic carpet ride exploring the history of beautiful Jewish books from the dawn of writing to the internet age. Participants will learn basic gilding technique, creating a miniature illuminated manuscript of their first or last name, in Hebrew or English, in colour and gold leaf.

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