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Sessions for Thursday, 09:50 - 10:50

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An insider's guide to Jewish Budapest - beyond the headlines

Tamas Buchler
Location: Soc 6

When we hear about Hungary today, it is often in the context of antisemitism and the rise of the extreme right wing. However, the Jewish community of Budapest has much more to offer: unique initiatives, inspiring individuals and exciting underground cultural activities. Join us for a virtual tour of the vibrant Jewish community life of Budapest.

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Auschwitz album

Lea Roshkovsky
Location: Sci 4

This session deals with a unique document that portrays the story of one transport arriving at Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944. The session will teach about the 'Final Solution' and its process, and how Auschwitz-Birkenau served not only as an extermination camp for the majority of its arrivals but also as a concentration camp for those selected to work.

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Changing the conversation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Avner Gvaryahu, Moriel Rothman, Hannah Weisfeld
Location: Sci 5

Hear from several leaders in the field who have been working to shift the discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from one of despair to action, and learn more about how they are working in Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and internationally towards ending the occupation and the conflict.

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How to talk to the creature in your car: a survival guide for parents of teens

Scott Fried
Location: Sci 8

Please attend if you are a parent seeking tips on how to create healthier conversations with your teen or if you want validation on the successful things that are already working in your relationship. Every teen wants the tender presence of a loving other and permission to be whomever they are becoming. Let's help them.

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If the Suffragettes had Facebook: the power of social media in the Women of the Wall movement

Shira Pruce
Location: Ram 4

What causes a social movement to go viral on the internet? How does social media activity translate into social change? Women of the Wall has galvanized the Jewish world and created real change in Israel. This session will be an in-depth look at the powerful Women of the Wall movement, in Jerusalem, on the internet and all over the world.

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Jews and the Russian Revolution

Steven Zipperstein
Location: Soc 1

How prominent were Jews in the Revolution? Why were so many Jews at the turn of the 20th century political radicals, and what was the overall complexion of Jewish political life in the Russian Empire at the time? What was the immediate impact of revolution on the Jews of life in 1917 and in the turbulent years that immediately followed?

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Life lessons: women's lives, women's ethics in the tales of Deborah, Ruth and Hannah.

Debra Band
Location: Soc 4

Early Israel's dramatic women's stories present the development of ethics and morals that have become core values in the lives of Jewish women, indeed throughout the Nation of Israel across time, cultures and continents. Drawing upon her new illuminated book, Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah, Debra Band offers an inspiring slide-discussion particularly interesting to mothers and daughters.

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Marriage equality in Jewish communities

Benjamin Crowne, Laura Janner-Klausner, Zvi Solomons, David Wolpe
Location: Ram 1

Same-sex marriage won major victories this year in both the UK and USA. How has it affected Jewish communities? What happens when rabbis and their congregants disagree? An interdenominational panel of leading rabbis consider this and other issues.

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Next steps for your Limmud

Limmud International
Location: Lib 2

On the final day of Limmud Conference this is a chance to process what we've learnt and consider what the next steps are for our Limmud communities when we return home.

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Pink books, blue books: gender issues in Jewish education (4 of 4)

Felicia Epstein, Elana Sztokman
Location: Sci 3

This session will explore gender issues in schools -- in classrooms, in school books, in decor, in maths and sciences, in sports, in Jewish studies, in leadership and more.

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Popular music and politics in the Middle East (4 of 4)

Abigail Wood
Location: Soc 3

If you want to change something, rap about it? In this session we'll look at Israeli and Palestinian rap and hip hop artists. What do they have to say about the societies that they live in and the complex issues that they face in day-to-day life? Is rap a medium for social change, or a channel for disillusionment?

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Serving in the Karakal Battalilion

Or Katzman
Location: Ram 7

The IDF's Karakal Battalion is Israel's first infantry unit where men and women serve together. The Unit works on the Israeli-Egyptian border. Or served a meaningful and interesting two years, combatting drugs and weapons smuggling, terrorism and Illegal immigration. In the session we will hear stories from some of those that served with Or.

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Taking back the mitzvot around end of life, death and burial

Michael Slater
Location: Ram 3

Jews in modern, liberal communities have tended to disengage from traditional rituals around life-limiting illness, death and burial. This trend has significant, deleterious consequences for individuals as well as communities. Why are these mitzvot ones that your community should embrace? How can your community become stronger and more alive by actively engaging with illness and death in spiritually meaningful ways?

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The Torah of Shlomo Carlebach

Micha Odenheimer
Location: Ram 2

Shlomo Carlebach was renowned as a singer, storyteller and rabbi of the hippies. Less known is that he was one of the deepest expositors of Hasidic thought, Micha, a close student of Shlomo, will present an introduction to Shlomo Torah, its emphasis on personal transformation.

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Through the arch of the parable 2 (2 of 2)

Alexander Nemser
Location: Rootes Chancellors 1

The parable is a unique literary form, part wisdom story, part punchline. We will examine examples from Martin Buber's Tales of the Hasidim, Nachman of Breslov, and Kafka, and discuss the possible revelations sparked by the concision and expressive acceleration of these stories.

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Yiddish literature in film: 'Tevye der Milkhiker' (3 of 3)

Barry Davis
Location: Soc 7

'Tevye der Milkhiker' ('Tevye the Milkman' - USA, 1939) based on Maurice Schwartz's theatre adaptation of the Tevye series of novels by Sholem Aleykhem. [With English subtitles].

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