Making a more ecological and sustainable Limmud

Limmud has been around for 37 years: Think of all the drink stations, printed hand-outs and eat-and-go meals that have been used by Limmud participants over that time! With a great possibility that Conference will host 3000 participants this year and the intention to keep growing in the years to come, we can see that Limmud’s environmental impact will also continue to grow. We want this impact to be just as positive for those that attendees and the environment.

We aim to provide information to participants about Limmud’s ecological values and encourage others to become more aware of how Limmud impacts the world in more ways than you think.

We will be ensuring there is more emphasis around recycling and food wastage, and will be encouraging everyone to think twice before using another disposable cup for their fresh cup of tea. We’re encouraging all participants to bring their own reusable flask/hot-drink cup and water bottle on Conference. Why not purchase your own Limmud Conference coffee cup and water bottle on the application form when you apply?

We want this year to see a big step towards creating a more ecological and sustainable Limmud for now and the future.