Young and Teen Limmud Madrichim

What is Young and Teen Limmud?

Young and Teen Limmud is the Limmud programme for children and teenagers. Parents drop off their children at Young and Teen Limmud (YTL) in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon. During the day, the children and teens enjoy sessions run by Limmud presenters on a variety of topics, take part in crafts, music, dance and drama sessions run by their madrichim (leaders), as well as engaging in volunteering and community building activities.

Young and Teen Limmud is run entirely by volunteer madrichim from a range of diverse backgrounds, who are essential in making YTL a fantastic experience for all of its participants.

What is a Madrich/a?

A madrich/a is a youth leader. Our young programme runs for children aged 4 – 11 (school years Reception – year 6) and our teen programme runs from 12 – 18 (year 7+).

Madrichim are there to ensure the safety and well being of children and teens at Limmud. Part of the role is to be help presenters with their sessions and help facilitate if needed. The other part is running your own sessions and these can be about anything from politics to the environment to creative arts. If you enjoy working with children, can work well in a team and have some previous youth leading experience, this might be the ideal way for you to experience Limmud. Previous experience is ideal but not essential, as we provide training for all of our madrichim.

How Does it Work?

In 2016 we will have 2 madrichim who will lead each age group. Your role is to manage the schedule, logistics and welfare of the room and direct the volunteers you’ll have to help you. There will be 2 shifts of volunteers assigned to work within Young Limmud and Teen Limmud. This will ensure there will always be enough adults in the room and you will be able to take regular breaks. The volunteers will be the same every day for each year group. The morning shift will run from 9am – 1pm and the afternoon shift will run from midday – 4pm. The hour’s crossover will allow for an easier lunchtime experience and should make a smooth transition from morning to afternoon.

There is no upper age limit for madrichim, we welcome enthusiasm and experience from any age! For more information on what Young and Teen Limmud are please visit the Families and kids page and the Teen Limmud page.

What is expected of Madrichim?


Madrichim and Roshim are required to attend a training weekend in November - dates to be confirmed. This training will be essential for understanding how Limmud operates, Limmud values, child protection and safety and of course there will be lots of group bonding and fun!

Madrichim will be asked to write sessions to run during the YTL programme. Volunteers will also be given the opportunity to write sessions if they have proven experience to do so.

On Conference

All Madrichim and Roshim are required to be at Limmud by 10am on Friday 23rd December. We will also use this day for essential training and you will then have the Conference Shabbat as free time to enjoy before we start properly on Sunday 25th December.

What’s in it for me?

Limmud Conference is an incredible international event that you can be right at the heart of. You will have your evenings free to attend sessions, go to the bar, or dance the night away at the Rebetzin’s Disco. Coming as a madrich/a is the only way to attend Limmud Conference for almost no cost and experience all the wonderful things it has to offer!

  • In return for £40 + a refundable £25 room deposit, accommodation and food on Conference, Shabbat included
  • The chance to be part of a great team, meet new people and contribute a huge amount to the Limmud community.
  • An opportunity to expand your existing Hadracha/ leadership skillset
  • An excellent way to learn about running Limmud
  • A free group hoodie or T-shirt (fast becoming a collectible item)

If you're interested in being a Madrich/a or Rosh on Young and Teen Limmud, complete the application form here or email the co-chairs of YTL at

If you have any questions, do be in touch.