Limmud Connect - Global Volunteer Forum 2018

Are you passionate about the future of Limmud and the direction it will take?

Limmud Volunteers from 45 communities come together in Israel to discuss the Future of Judaism and the role of Limmud in that Future

We are extremely excited about our first Limmud Connect: the Limmud Global Volunteer Forum which is taking place from 3 - 6 May 2018 in Israel. Limmud Connect will bring together committed volunteers from around the world for a dream event: four days of Limmud created by volunteers for volunteers.

As representatives from across the world, from a diverse range of backgrounds, we see ourselves as helping chart the Jewish future and that's why we've themed the event 'Towards a Vibrant Jewish Future'.

Our learning and planning will focus on trends in the Jewish and wider worlds and how Limmud can respond to shape the Jewish future. We are bringing together experts on Jewish demography, future planning, technology as well as some Limmud favourites to build a programme that will be educational, enlightening, inspirational and practical.