Limmud around the UK

Regional Limmuds are one of British Jewry's most inspiring phenomena.

Annually, upwards of 3,000 people around the United Kingdom attend one of our Regional Limmud events in towns and cities up and down the United Kingdom. Showcasing the best local presenters - together with renowned UK and international presenters – "Day Limmuds" (the most popular of the Regional Limmud events) offer participants the chance to come together to learn in an informal, vibrant atmosphere, to be inspired and to "go one stage further on their Jewish journey".

Conceived, led and driven by volunteers from local communities, Regional Day Limmuds are often the highlight of the local Jewish communal calendar and bring people together from across these communities to create something innovative and exciting. If you are interested in establishing a Regional Limmud team in your community, or getting involved in an event you see on the list below, email Ruth, the Regional Limmud Support Chair at

From the more established teams to newer teams in their infancy, Limmud is currently active in 16 regions across the country. In 2015, Regional Limmud events were held in Manchester, Harrow, Thames Valley and Leeds.

2016 started with a fantastic one-day Limmud in Manchester in February. Upcoming one-day Limmud events are coming to Cambridge in June, Birmingham WM in July and Liverpool in November. These events have so far attracted over 2000 participants, of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Upcoming UK Regional Day Limmud events in 2016

  • Cambridge - Sunday 19th June 2016

  • Birmingham WM - Sunday 10th July 2016

  • Liverpool - Sunday 6th November 2016

UK Regional Day Limmud events in 2017

  • Harrow - Sunday 19 March 2017