Cambridge Limmud 2018

Cambridge Limmud is back!

Sunday 4th November 2018 at Hills Road Sixth Form College

Cambridge Limmud has now launched. Book your place now!

This year's programme offers a sparkling array of sessions spanning all aspects of Jewish learning, the Jewish condition and issues of the day, with exciting presenters. Where else will you find:

  • The brilliant Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan: her book All the Rivers, exploring love between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man, was at a centre of a major controversy when it was removed from the recommended list of Israeli Ministry of Education
  • The Cambridge classicist, polymath-extraordinaire and broadcaster Simon Goldhill whose Jerusalem, City of Longing won the Independent Publishers' Gold Medal for History in 2010
  • Haaretz's diplomatic editor Noa Landau, previously the Editor-in-Chief of the English edition of Israel's foremost quality daily, with a unique perspective on Israel in the world and the peace process
  • Simon Baron-Cohen, the leading authority on autism and the autistic spectrum, a Cambridge professor of clinical psychopathology, well known as a popular science broadcaster
  • Noted historian and public intellectual Miri Rubin, who has enlivened Cambridge Day Limmuds in the past and who has a gift for bringing Medieval Christian and Jewish history to life
  • The ever-controversial Revd Giles Fraser: the vicar of St Mary's, Newington, and Guardian columnist, whose articles are always thought provoking, on his love affair with Judaism
  • Had the ever-trendy University of California, Berkeley, had to design a Talmudist in its own image, the outcome would have been Daniel Boyarin, who combines great learning with uniquely Berkeley touch
  • Nicholas de Lange, the master of all Hebrew-to-English translators, who rendered Amos Oz's, S. Yizhar's and A.B. Yehoshua's books into beautiful English, and who is also a Rabbi and renown Judaic scholar
  • Novelists Amanda Craig and Keren David in conversation. Besides being an acclaimed novelist, each leads a double life: Amanda as a literary critic and former children's books editor of The Times, Keren as the features editor of Jewish Chronicle
  • And in another conversation – two legal eagles, Joshua Rozenberg QC and Dan Squires QC on law, human rights and everything

and many more! See the full list of our presenters

There will also be a dedicated Young Limmud programme for the 3–17-year olds, as well as a professionally staffed creche.

Come and get a Cambridge education – but without tuition fees and with a lighter touch!