Presenters for Leeds Day Limmud 2015

Malcolm Weisman

How Jewish humour helped Jewish survival.

Do you believe in G-d?

Simon Glass

Capturing the Leeds Jewish Community on Camera

Ethan Schwartz

How important are the settlements really?

Aviva Engle

Feminism in Orthodox Judaism- changes and breakthroughs and limitations

Gabriele Ferrario

'The Sun, the Scorpion and the Eagle: Alchemy and Magic from the Cairo Genizah'

Lives in fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah

Ian Vellins

None is too many. How Canadian anti- semitism prevented the immigration of Jews into Canada before and during the Holocaust

Patrick Morrow

You say 'Tenakh'; I say 'Old Testament' – Let's Call the Whole Thing Off?

Adam Ognall

You were once a stranger in the land AND Behind the Headlines – Social Change in Israel and Me

Gillian Merron

Engaging your MPs, MEPs and local councillors

Clive Lawton

What are the real problems facing Jews today?

Vivi Lachs

The Cockney-Yiddish Music Hall of the turn of the twentieth century

Victoria Hoyle

The York Refugee Committee 1938-1945

Alex Webster

How does CST protect our community?

Dolf Mogendorff

In Hiding. The story of a Jewish couple in hiding in Holland during WWII – hunted, betrayed but ultimately surviving after two years of great hardship.

Bill Kunin

Judaism and evolution: a false choice

Irena Bauman

White City-Black City Architecture and Politics in Tel Aviv

Clarissa Hyman

Cholent, Hamin and Dfina: Hot food for the Sabbath

Michie Yana- Berger

Pioneering Jewish Women in early American History AND Jews of Japan

Jon Silverman

Was the UK a safe haven for war criminals?

Luke Akehurst

Who is behind the boycotting and delegitimisation of Israel and how can we combat them?

Razia Parveen

Teaching the Holocaust to Muslim School Children in the North of England.

Simon Phillips

Chicken soup for the soul (and other places as well)

Nigel Grizzard

Jews and Poles: Re- assessing the Dialogue

Michael Kennedy

The Kindertransport

Harris Lorie

Do not study this Jewish text!

Gaston Yalonetzky

Dancing salsa at Bar Mitzvahs: A glimpse into the life and history of Latin American Jewry

Charlotte Gringras with Liliana Pasterska**

"From Prestwich to Perugia with a stopover in Leeds"- my writing journey

Selwyn Dorfman

Offending And Upsetting The Entire Jewish Community-a Practitioner's Guide.

Yossi Torfstein

Israel's Strategic Challenges and the Middle East

Boaz Torfstein

Contemporary Israel through contemporary art.

Jason Kleiman

Articulating Judaism – How one prayer encapsulates Jewish belief, practice and history

Ruth Steinberg

A Flower is not a Rat: a weave of Jewish stories

Frank Vigon

Isaac Bashevis Singer – Lost in Translation

Dina Brawer

Occupy Judaism: Reclaiming responsibility for Judaism

Naftali Brawer

G-d: Bearded Man in the sky or Unmoved Mover

Asher Brawer

Floods, gods, dragons: The Mythological Revolution of the Bible

Phil Tomlinson

Sing Yiddish

Derek Fraser

The Balfour Declaration

Jonathan Arkush

The community in 20 years

Esther Hugenholtz

Wired for wireless: How to use social media as a Jewish Community

There is a crack in everything, that's how the Light gets in – Kabbalah, Process Theology and Progressive Judaism

Sam Grant

The Jewish Campaign to end indefinite detention

Or Nechushtan

Racism towards Jews in Israel?? Ethiopian Jews, Integration and the waves of Aliya


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