Full Programme

OUR FULL PROGRAMME! (the timetable for our Day will be released just before our event)

The full youth programme can also now be viewed on the next page.

Sessions will include:


Nigel Grizzard - The End of Empire: The Jews of Aden, The British Army and the Six Day War, remembering the events of 50 years ago in 1967.

Trevor Avery - From Auschwitz to Ambleside and the Flying Boats of Windermere

Clarissa Hyman - The History of the Bagel

Daisy Abboudi - Tales of Jewish Sudan

Avi Shivtiel - Touch Wood – I don’t believe in superstitions

Vivi Lachs - London Yiddish Satire (Immigrant life 1911-1913)

Frank Vigon - Shalom Aleichem – The story teller his own tale

Jon Silverman - The Srebrenica Massacre

Phillip Rosenberg - Reflections on the Balfour Centenary


Patrick Morrow - The Lord is one - but How and Why

Clive Lawton - Why did it take Abraham so long to get it?

Aviva Engel - ‘Romeo O Romeo’: From the Siddur to Tanach and back

Jason Kleiman - Reinterpreting the Bible

Simon Myerson - The Border between Pluralism and Tolerance

Hayden Cohen - The Philosophy of Cherry Picking

Merv Lebor - So how do we, or should we, teach Jewish Studies?

Zahavit Shalev - “Say that you’re my sister”: a problematic story about a patriarch

Bruce Thompson - Etty Sillesum – Her writings and message for today

Kim Phillips - Manuscripts, Minutiae, and the Masoretic Text

Wayne Robins - An Orthodox Mixtape for my Orthodox Rabbi

Raphael Zarum - What is God and is God always right?


Laurence Saffer - Leeds - the way ahead

Hilary Curwen and Salma Arif - Nisa Nashim, The Muslim-Jewish Women's network in Leeds

Sybil Sheridan - The Last Jews of Ethiopia

Eli Ovits – Creating community: Strengthening our Global Jewish Family

Simon Phillips - An Interfaith Community Relations Strategy for the Jewish Community

David R. Prager - Jewish Genealogy

Max Dunbar - New Manchester Jewish Museum

Warren Bank - What future for the Jewish Community of South Africa?

Ben Crowne - Better Know your Jewish Charities

Wayne Robins - A Jewish Alcoholic Talks Sobriety

Benjamin Ellis - Tackling Discrimination against LGBT+ People

David Newman - Response Strategies to BDS – Strengthening Scientific Co-operation between Israel and the UK


Amos Schonfield - Israeli Security, 50 years on

Luke Akehurst - The Labour Party, Jews and Antisemitism

Raphael Cohen-Almagor - The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Eldan Kaye - Israel: An Insider’s view

Nir Arielli - A Life of Dissent and Exile in Mandate Palestine and the Soviet Union

Dave Rich - The Left’s Jewish Problem

Michael Krom - Death of the Dead Sea

Daniel J. Levy - Israeli relations with the Arab and Islamic world

Ros Goldfarb - Good News From Israel – For A Change

David Newman - Peeking Beyond the Wall: The Impact of the Separation Barrier between Israel and the West Bank on Israeli and Palestinian Children (Film / Documentary).

Arts and Music

Ashley Boroda - Why are Jews funny?

David Fligg - Music from the Holocaust: Spiritual resistance, secrets and messages revealed

Simon Caplan - Not quite whose who

Brian Daniels - Perils and Pitfalls of a Jewish Theatre Producer

Boaz Torfstein - Are Superheroes secretly Jewish?

Phil Tomlinson - Songs of Mordechai Gebirtig

Simon Glass - Meine Lieben Kinder

Ian Vellins - The real story of Klimt’s painting ‘Woman in Gold’

Janet Wolff - Austerity Baby

Griselda Pollock - Why do images fascinate us? Do they have power over us? What do images do? What do images want?

Ginnie White – Israeli dance

Judith Plowman - Klezmer Dance ~ Traditional secular Yiddish Dance, from 'Old' Eastern Europe