Manchester Limmud 2018 Programme

Confirmed sessions, updated 28 January

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Anthony Clavane, Kevin Coleman, Alexander Goldberg - "Does Your Rabbi (Still) Know You're Here? The Future of Faith and Football"

Ariel Abel, Dovid Lewis, Mark Lewis, Robert Rinder, Joshua Rozenberg (chair) - "Is there a Jewish Perspective in English Law?"

Nici Wertheim, Bernard Yaffe, Amanda Bomsztyk, Simon Johnson (chair) - "Will There Still Be a Vibrant Community Outside London in 30 Years?"

Robyn Ashworth-Steen, Jonathan Wittenberg, Chanan Atlas, Helena Miller (chair) - "Leading our Synagogue Communities: Rabbis Tell Their Stories…"

Mohammed Amin, Charles Kwaku-Odoi, Steve Miller, Jonny Wineberg, Sally Halon (chair) - "Energising the Inter-Faith Movement"

Ashley Boroda, Clive Lawton, Marilyn Berg, Lindsey Taylor-Gudhartz, Jonathan Davies, John Blaskey (chair) - "Balloon Debate"


Ariel & Shulamit Abel - "A Return to Rival the Exodus: the Iberian Aliyah Beckons"
Nathan Abrams – “2001: Kubrick, Jewishness & the Holocaust”
Mark Adlestone – “Can Business be a Force for Good?”
Luke Akehurst – “Why is the Labour Party in such a Mess over Israel, Jews and Antisemitism?”
Mohammed Amin & David Berkley - "Saint or Sinner? Public Leadership and Personal Morality"
Robyn Ashworth-Steen – “Violent Texts: Struggling with the Tanach as a call for Political Action”
Chanan Atlas – “Reclaiming Halacha”
Nechama Atlas – “Confidentiality – When can we, or should we ever break it?” AND "Does it really matter: the Minutiae of Jewish Law"
Marilyn Berg - "The Flannelette Nightie Tour"
Carmel Berke - "Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?"
Marilyn Blank - "From Berlin to Dylan; Jewish Popular Composers of Musical Theatre of the last 100 years"
John Blaskey - "Reiki - Feeling the Healing"
Ashley Boroda – “Comedy, the Overlooked Ingredient of Modern Judaism”
Hannah Brady - "Smashing the Shul Glass Ceiling - Is our Community Inclusive?"
Leah Burman & Barbara Dorrity – “First, Second & Third Generation Holocaust Survivor Workshop”
Daniel Cainer - In Concert
Simon Caplan - "Famous Jewish Classical Musicians"
Nir Cohen will introduce three of the best short films from the UK Jewish Film Festival
Raphael Cohen-Almagor – “Possible Solutions to the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict”
David Collier - "Facing the Hatred - the Experience of a (pretend) BDS Activist"
Mark Creeger - "A Jewish View of Extra-Terrestrial Life" AND "IBM, Ford, American big business and the Holocaust"
Jonathan Davies – “Nietsche’s Jewish Problem”
Margaret de Haas - "Family Law: The Challenges for the 21st Century"
Omer Drori - "Gaza Strip - Living the Conflict"
Max Dunbar - "The Manchester Jewish Museum with its very own Pop Up Bakery"
Louise Ellman - "The Challenges of being an MP"
Yanky Fachler – “ABDUCTION! When Papal Police kidnapped 7 year old Edgardo Mortara in 1858” AND “Why did George Eliot write the first Zionist Novel 20 Years before Herzl founded Zionism?”
Yehudis Fletcher - "Faith in the Face of Abuse"
Michael Freeman - "Israel and the UK Media - Does Israel get a fair hearing?"
Sami Garas - "Wake Up and Zooz"
Suzy Glaskie – “How to Future-proof your Brain: practical steps to staying sharp”
Martin Goodman - "Themes in the History of Judaism"
Errol Gross & Andy Lister - "Getting Started with your Jewish Genealogy: the How, the Who, the When and the Where"
Debbie Hilton - "Come and Dance!"
David Hoffman – “Shir Chadash! (A New Song)"
Simon Johnson - "Will there still be a vibrant Jewish Community outside London in 30 years?"
Eldan Kaye - "The Sound of Israel: A Musical Journey"
Hard Times Kapelye - "Klezmer in Words and Music"
Clive Lawton – "The 10 Commandments, less a few; The 7 Noachide Laws" AND "What Difference do You Want to Make?"
Amir Levi - "Israel's Story through a Lens"
Hannah Levy - "Learning to Sign the Makaton Way"
Dovid Lewis - "From Slavery to the House of G-d in 60 Minutes"
Jeff Lewis - "Jewish Hour - the Secrets behind Britain's longest-running Jewish interest Radio Show"
Mark Lewis - "If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand wither and die"
Helena Miller – “The Art Of Micrography” AND "Reflections on Leadership: Making Big Projects Happen"
Steve Miller - "Reform Controversies in the 1840s" AND "War and Peace in Jewish Texts"
Rachel Montagu - "The Perfect Guests? Visitors to Creechurch Lane Synagogue"
Anna Roth - "Arts and Crafts - Making Lanterns"
Joshua Rozenberg – “Talking to Leslie Turnberg”
Katrina Sarig - "It's GENEius! Jnetics is set to prevent severe life-shortening Jewish Genetic Disorders in the Manchester Community"
Fabian Sborovsky - "The Language of Sexual Intercourse in the Hebrew Bible"
Sefanja Severin - "Is the Torah scientifically accurate?"
David Stone - "Caught in the Crossfire: How do Israeli Healthcare Workers Respond to the Conflict?
Jon Sussman - "The Neurology of Religion: the Brain and Religious Experience" AND "Kosher Wine Tasting"
Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz - "Essential Ezekial" AND "Canonization: How we got our Bible"
Francis Treuherz – “”Homeopathy in Jewish Life” AND "Growing Up as a Refujew in Lancashire"
Leslie Turnberg – “Balfour’s Declaration” AND An interview with Joshua Rozenberg
Yael Unterman - "Walking in Queen Esther's (Gorgeous) Persian Shoes" AND "What is Empathy?"
Mickey van Gelder - "Songs with a Jewish Connection"
Ian Vellins – “From Hell to Hull on the Kindertransport”
Frank Vigon - "Let my People Go - Anti-Semitism revisited"
Sue Williams - "Reflections of a Senior Police Officer"
Jonathan Wittenberg – “Refugee!” AND “Things my Dog has taught me”
Shadman Zaman - "My Journey to Judaism"
Raphael Zarum - "The Three Deadly Sins: the Real Truth about Women and Challah" AND "Jethro the Searcher"