Manchester Day Limmud Needs YOU!!!

All Limmud events are run entirely by volunteers, and Manchester Day Limmud is no exception. It can't happen without you!

New volunteers for 2019 Core Team

There are many tasks, large and small, needed to plan and run a Limmud event. It is a TEAM effort drawing on diverse talents and needing varying levels of commitment. Our core team for 2019 will be cross-communal and include both North and South Manchester.

We would love NEW volunteers on our core team for 2019 and beyond. This keeps the event fresh and gives the team members from prior years a well-deserved break! We can use more help with pre-planning, please email us now - manchester@limmud.org

Pre-planning CORE TEAM roles include -

  • Programming - inviting and liaising with presenters, scheduling the day, preparing the handbook
  • Catering - liaising with suppliers, managing lunch hour
  • Site - liaising with the venue staff & CST, signage, parking
  • Registration - tracking bookings, running registration on the day
  • Volunteers - creating the volunteer rota and liaising with volunteers
  • Marketing - spreading the word! Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, flyers, other great ideas welcome

Other ways to be involved

  • help on the day
  • or you might want some fliers to give to your friends
  • or know how to get us noticed at your shul
  • or be interested in presenting
  • or want to book a stand at the shuk
  • or be keen to look after the kids
  • or help out in some way we haven't thought of yet!

If any of these apply, please do contact the event chairs on manchester@limmud.org. And check out our Facebook page for any volunteer events.