Limmud Festival

Limmud Festival 2018 is one of the biggest celebrations of Jewish learning and culture in the world - and it’s made by you.

Festival 2017 takes place Sunday 23 - Thursday 27 December 2018, Birmingham UK.

Limmud Shabbat will take place before the main Festival starts on 21-22 December.

What is Limmud Festival?

Last year one participant called it “a miraculous explosion of Jewish experience”, and we couldn’t agree more!

Limmud Festival is made by you. You create your own journey through the event by selecting from a huge array of options - from history and politics, to religion and philosophy, to arts, culture and food; or even just schmoozing at the cafe or bar! Whether you want to meet new people with similar interests or connect with long-time friends, there is always a conversation to be part of and something to discover.

Being part of Limmud Festival isn’t just being an attendee, it’s being part of a community. We believe anyone can be a teacher and everyone should be a student - each and every participant has something to offer to make Festival a truly unique event. We’re not only a community which learns from each other, but a community of volunteers - every aspect of the event is built and run by the efforts of volunteers who infuse every corner of Festival with their passion and excitement.

Come and build your own unique experience. With hundreds of sessions and thousands of participants from all over the world making up this vibrant community, you can follow your passions or do something totally new - there’s always something memorable and unexpected waiting around the corner.

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Get Involved

Want to make your mark and be part of the team of volunteers creating Limmud Festival 2018? Email!

Security at Festival

The Limmud Festival team have been continuously working hard with the Community Security Trust (CST) and the West Midlands Police to ensure that Festival 2018 will be a safe and secure event for all participants.