The programme for Limmud Festival 2017 is now available!

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A stellar programme is always at the heart of any Limmud event - and Limmud Festival 2017 is no exception. With more combinations of sessions available than stars in the sky, it is your opportunity to curate a Limmud Festival journey unique to you!

This year we have divided the programme into eight dedicated tracks, each one bringing you into a Jewish conversation. Regardless of what gets the cogs in your brain turning, there’s definitely something here for you to get involved in.

Arts and Culture

From literature to photography, and graphic novels to film festivals, the Arts and Culture track focuses on gathering the creative minds directing conversations on the global Jewish stage.

Contemporary Society

Bringing together the issues that matter to society at large with the conversations impacting our Jewish communities in the UK and further afield, Contemporary Society provides an opportunity to explore the challenges and triumphs that are transforming the world we live in.

History and Politics

Learn something new from voices past, present and future, and delve into the worlds of history, journalism and politics. Whether you're looking to discover histories closer to home or debate today's most compelling global topics, there is much to discover in History and Politics sessions.

Mind, Body and Soul

Creating a holistic space, Mind, Body and Soul sessions will offer an opportunity to centre our thoughts on our physical and mental well-being at Limmud Festival.


Entertain and be entertained - come along to Performance sessions to sing along to Jewish music from across the world, laugh at new jokes, and take part in music, dance and drama workshops.

Science and Innovation

Explore the innovations in technology, medicine, business and science that help us engage with the world around us, and further our understanding of how they impact our modern Jewish lives.

Social Programming

Social programming is there to make sure you’re having plenty of fun and provide you with opportunities to meet new people. Whether you like a calm walk around Pendigo Lake, an afternoon of arts and crafts, a night of Open Mic or a dance at a disco, you’ll find something to help you unwind.

Torah and Philosophy

Learn from some of the best Torah scholars and be a teacher yourself in our Torah and Philosophy sessions. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, our wide range of perspectives will leave you with plenty to think about.

Spotlight Sunday

Spotlight Sunday is a weekly showcase of some of the hundreds of presenters who'll be joining us this Winter. Some you may have heard of, some you may not, but all are people you should check out! You can find them exclusively on our Facebook page every Sunday.

27 August - Shai Tsabari, Erin Zaikis and Mark Oppenheimer

3 September - Vital Zinger, Joshua Harmon and Dafna Michaelson Jenet

10 September - Danny Fingeroth, Yael Farjun and Leon Morris

17 September - Yaffa Epstein, Adam Chalom, Holly Blue Hawkins and Sarah Mali

19 September (Rosh Hashanah Special) - Nava Tehila

24 September - Lahav Harkov, Menachem Bombach and David Bigman

1 October - Moshe Farchi, Alma Reisel and Aryeh Klapper

8 October - Eric Fingerhut, Reuven Abergel and Gabby Edlin

15 October - Jill Jacobs, Daniel Cainer and Gabriel Wolff

22 October - Barbara Winton, Benjamin Weinthal and Jacqueline Nicholls

29 October - Zehorit Sorek, Shira Kline and Lady Sinagaga

5 November - Steven Windmueller, Nathan Lopes Cardozo and Aviva Dautch

12 November - Hadar Galron, David Bolchover and Yiscah Smith

19 November - Sarah Rosen, Dena Weiss and Steve Miller

26 November - Andrea Jacobs, Robbie Young and Mike Feuer

3 December - David Levin-Kruss, Sheila Peltz-Weinberg and Clive Lawton