This is Limmud Conference

Conference is Limmud’s flagship event run almost entirely by volunteers. It attracts well over two thousand participants (both regulars and newcomers), consists of close to a thousand sessions over a five day period and offers the opportunity to learn in the company of an enormous variety of presenters.

Conference attracts an amazing variety of people from across the globe, from all points of the Jewish compass - from the very young to the not-so-young; from world experts to those who barely know how to ask.

There are sessions to delight and engage, whether you want to study Torah, meet writers, argue with politicians or stay up into the small hours in the company of some of the best performers in the Jewish world.

We believe everyone can be a teacher and everyone should be a student. Limmud participants themselves are the presenters. Limmud presenters are also participants. We make no assumptions about your Jewish knowledge.

Limmud Conference is one part of a huge, world-wide community dedicated to Jewish learning in the broadest sense, a community with traditions and values, unique ways of doing things and a real existence outside its formal events.

Dates and Times

Conference is from Sunday 28 December 2014 to Thursday 1 January 2015

The Full Conference programme begins at 9am on Sunday morning for those people who have also come for Shabbat, and you are welcome to arrive and register any time on that day. For those people who come for Shabbat, registration is open from late Friday morning until about an hour before Shabbat comes in. If you arrive after this, you will be able to register on Saturday night. Conference sessions run until mid-afternoon on Thursday 1 January.

Shabbat Limmud is on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 December

Shabbat Limmud is a great way to get stuck into the Conference atmosphere. Just like main Conference, there will be excellent learning, brilliant social opportunities and a very warm community feeling. As we use less of the site and make our Shabbat community together, you'll end the weekend knowing lots of new people and feel energised for the week ahead.

The number of places for Shabbat Limmud – 26 and 27 December – is restricted. So please apply early if you want to enjoy this very special Limmud treat.

The fee – additional to the fee for Conference – includes accommodation, a full programme and all meals from Friday evening.

As usual, there will be an Eruv (Shabbat boundary). There will be ensuite single rooms inside the boundary. Unfortunately it is not practical for us to extend the eruv to the Scarman accommodation block where young families are located. If this is an issue, we can offer single ensuite bedrooms within the eruv for the duration of Shabbat, after which you’d move to the family accommodation. There will be facilities for everyone to leave possessions like siddurim and buggies inside the eruv during Shabbat.

Limmud does not offer childcare provision during Shabbat. Nursery and Young and Teen Limmud start from Sunday afternoon. However, there are Shabbat sessions for families to attend together and a families Shabbat lounge with some toys. There is also a limited babylistening service on Saturday night for families in Scarman.

If you are thinking of coming to Shabbat with a family and have any questions, please contact our Shabbat co-ordinators on

Be there at the start

If you want to catch Conference from the moment it starts on Sunday morning and cannot join us for Shabbat, it’s a great idea to arrive on Saturday evening.

For a small additional payment you can check in after Shabbat on Saturday 27 December. We’ll be announcing the check-in times in December on the website and in joining instructions that will be emailed to you before the start of Conference.

Families who are opting for early check-in are advised that we currently have limited provision for babysitting on Saturday night - only available in the Scarman families accommodation. On Sunday morning there are sessions for families to attend together, but YTL, Teen Limmud, and Nursery, will begin after lunch on Sunday.

But what if I cannot come for the whole week?

  • You can come for part of the week or even for a day
  • If you can't come for the whole of Conference, it is possible to stay on-site for a few days; please see the prices page for information on days and accommodation options available (these are limited due to logistical constraints).
  • There may be some limited short-stay places available for children depending on availability. This will be decided in early October. Should you wish to be notified if this becomes available, please contact the office at