We do hope that you have an enjoyable time at our events or as a Limmud volunteer. We do hope that everything runs smoothly, and since all the event organisers are volunteers, we do ask for your understanding when things occasionally don't go to plan.

If something does go wrong at an event, such as the food or accommodation, you should start by speaking to the event helpdesk team and they will see if they can help.

If you do have a complaint about a person, whether a volunteer or a participant, we will follow the procedures set out here. Limmud takes all complaints seriously but especially allegations of harassment and will deal with them promptly and in confidence. We will try and deal with complaints to give effect to our values, especially respect, empowerment, participation and arguments for the sake of heaven (which includes that arguments should be respectful and not personal or abusive). What we mean by harassment is set out in the Code of Conduct for volunteers and participants; and this includes bullying, victimisation or any other sort of unacceptable conduct.

We have two complaints procedures:

  • This is the link for complaints at events: if you are at an event and wish to make a complaint about anyone involved in running the event or the conduct of another participant.

  • This is the link for complaints about fellow volunteers: if you are member of a volunteer team and wish to make a complaint about a fellow volunteer.