How you can help!

It's always really helpful when people make regular, ongoing donations, because then we have income we can rely on - we really appreciate it. Here's what your ongoing donation can do:

£1 per week – accessibility for everyone
covers the day place of a carer for someone with a disability at a Limmud event.

£2 per week – investing in the next generation
helps fund our formal training programmes – for young volunteers and for youth leaders who work with our children.

£4 per week – ensuring everyone can take part
gives us a bursary we can use to bring someone to Conference who can’t afford it.

£10 per week – keeping Limmud going
helps us support Conference, and all of our events and activities.

You can set this up with online banking, just set up a standing order to Limmud

How to set up and update a standing order

From a UK bank Account name: Limmud Account number: 0001 5970 Sort code: 40-52-40 Reference: Your Name 53-4002

From an International bank Account name: Limmud
Account number: 72138549
Sort code: 400530
IBAN: GB48MIDL40053072138549 Bank name: CAF Banking LTD Bank address: 25 Kings Hill, West Maling, Kent NE19 4JQ Reference: Your Name 53-4002

And then it's up to you how much you give, all donations very much appreciated!

Please can you contact Alanna Lewis, at our Limmud Office, once your standing order has been set up, and she will send confirmation upon receiving the first payment: you can email Alanna or call on 020 3115 1620. Please do also call if you have any questions about how this works or to make a gift aid declaration.