Limmud the organisation - who's who

This page is here to help explain how the governance of Limmud works and who is involved in running it.

Limmud's governance and organisational structure is consistent with our values and ethos. Our leadership is made up of long term volunteers with personal and Limmud experience appropriate to their role.

Legally, Limmud is both a charity and a limited liability company (limited by guarantee). The Limmud company has a board of directors and trustees. The members of the company are made up of our leadership – directors, event chairs, support team volunteers and Connections team.

The board of directors are currently (2018):

  • David Hoffman, chair of Limmud
  • David Bilchitz, international strategic development
  • Shoshana Bloom, inclusion and equality
  • Shana Boltin, volunteer training
  • Miriam Edelman, treasurer
  • Yszi Hawkings, tech and logistics
  • Danielle Nagler, Limmud Israel
  • Robert Owen, programming support
  • Shep Rosenman, Limmud North America
  • Debbie Staniland, Limmud Connections Team Convener

There are then events teams, which recruit their own volunteers, set timelines and manage logistics, and teams for other projects, or which support volunteers running events or managing the organisation as a whole. These include:

  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Inclusion and equality
  • Knowledge management
  • Logistics support
  • Madrich / YTL training
  • Marketing
  • Programming support
  • Publications
  • Regional communities
  • Tech
  • Volunteer welfare
  • Volunteer training

To get involved in any of these, please email us to find out more.

Limmud groups outside the UK are also part of Limmud but each is independent. They all sign up to the Limmud values. They are supported by the a team of international volunteers, led by the Connections Team.

Volunteers are supported by a small professional team in the Limmud Office, led by Eli Ovits our Chief Executive.