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Limmud Impact Study RFP

Through a commissioned research project, we wish to determine the impact of Limmud on the lives of the volunteers interfacing with the organisation. Limmud’s mission says, ‘Wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.’ How successful are we in doing that? Does Limmud take people one step further on their Jewish journeys, and if so, what impact does that have on volunteers’ lives and their Jewish communities?

The successful application will assess and measure changes in the level of Jewish community involvement and activities for people who have volunteered with Limmud, and analyse those volunteer’s perceptions of the impact Limmud has had on their lives. It is anticipated that the research will be primarily in the form of a questionnaire, followed by a set of 1:1 interviews.

The results of the study will be used to formulate recommendations to Limmud on an organisational level, in terms of what could be changed and/ or improved to support and service the global Limmud network of independent Limmud groups, and to document our level of success.

Please click here for the Job Specification. To apply, please send a cover letter and CV by Monday 6th November, to

Volunteering for Limmud

If you are interested in spending some time volunteering- be it on a national, international or regional Limmud event, or simply helping out the Office Team, please send us an email at and we will ensure that the appropriate person gets back to you.