Limmud European Presenter fund

In partnership with Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe

Limmud has launched a European Presenter Fund to offer European Limmud communities the opportunity to invite recognised and expert European Jewish presenters to participate in their Limmud events.

European Limmud communities will be able to apply for funding of travel costs and registration fees for the invited presenters, thus enabling Limmud communities to expand the range of Jewish learning opportunities available to their participants that financial restrictions might otherwise prevent.

Supported by the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe and a contribution from Limmud’s own reserves for UK groups, this process will also create a Speakers Bureau Directory, highlighting presenters’ areas of expertise, languages spoken, publications, and potential session topics. The Directory will be made available to European Limmud communities through the Limmud International Resources Directory, which will further encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience and resources between Limmud groups.

The Speakers Bureau Directory is part of a wider effort of the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe to increase cooperation and information sharing about available resources aiming to enhance Jewish learning in Europe. As such, this resource will be made available to other educational partners (which is also why we’re using the description “Speakers Bureau Directory” rather than the usual Limmud language of a “Presenter Directory”).

The Speakers Bureau Directory is available to download here. Please be aware that it is password protected as it contains personal contact details. To gain access please email

The fund will be administered through the International Limmud Coordinator.


Each European Limmud community may apply for funds of up to GBP£1000 in total. This may be split between one or more presenters. The grant applies to presenters currently based in Europe only. (European presenters on a temporary sabbatical and intending to return to Europe may also be considered.)

Each Limmud community may apply once in every grant year and will be awarded no more than £1000 per event in total. You may not apply for the same event in two grant years. For example, you may apply for an event in October 2015 in Year 1, but not for the same October 2015 event in Year 2. In Year 2 you may apply for an October 2016 event.

Grant years are as follows:

Grant Year 1 = March 2015 – August 2015

Grant Year 2 = September 2015 – August 2016

Grant Year 3 = September 2016 – August 2017

Presenter selection criteria The Limmud community applying for funds should demonstrate that the presenter is an expert in their field by reference to one or more of the following:

• Formal qualification

• Publications

• Recognition by their own Jewish community as a leader in their field

• Recommendation as a high calibre presenter by another Limmud group (bear in mind that presenting at an event does not necessarily establish expertise)

• Recommendation by a suitable body as being a leader in the field of Jewish education (e.g. American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Pears Foundation, Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe, Schusterman Philanthropic Networks, local Federations and community organisations).

Terms and Conditions

1) The grant will be awarded to any Limmud community which establishes that it will be used for one or more qualifying presenters to enable them to attend a Limmud event as a presenter.

2) Up to £1000 per Limmud group may be applied for in each grant year. This may be split between one or more presenters.

3) A successful grant may be used towards Limmud event registration, accommodation and travel for the presenter(s) nominated in the grant application. The grant must not be used to pay a fee to any presenter for presenting as Limmud does not pay presenters (since all presenters come as participants as well).

4) For the sake of diversity, the grant may not be used towards bringing a presenter(s) who has presented at your Limmud group's event in the last two years.

5) Each presenter must give at least 3 sessions, each on a different topic, at the Limmud event and stay for the duration of the Limmud event so that presenters are also full participants of the programme. If there is any reason why they cannot stay for the full length of the event please state why in the application form. If your Limmud event is one day only, each presenter must give at least 2 sessions.

6) Grants will be paid after the event has taken place and a claim form has been submitted.

7) Grant will only be paid in relation to costs associated with an agreed presenter and must not be applied to other Limmud presenters.

8) Grantee to provide final biography and session descriptions as provided in the Limmud community’s published programme as part of the claim form.

9) Grantee to provide name and email address of presenter in the claim form. Limmud International will then send the presenter a consent form to be contacted by other Limmud communities in Europe.

10) Limmud community to note in their programme publication that the presenter’s participation has been supported by the Limmud European Presenter Fund.

11) If your Limmud already receives a grant from RFHE, please contact international[at] to check on any further conditions to your eligibility.

12) If you are a UK Limmud community, you should contact Ruth Soetendorp and Cathy Knowles on regional[at] to confirm the administration through your budgetary process.

13) Please note that your application does not guarantee that your Limmud will receive the grant.

Application process

1) Limmud community to complete an online application including information about the presenter(s) as required to meet the grant criteria.

2) Through the Limmud International team, Limmud will consider the application and respond to each Limmud community within 2 weeks of the application being submitted, subject to all necessary information being provided. You will then be sent a grant agreement letter to sign and return.

3) Limmud community event takes place.

4) Limmud community to submit online claim form to Limmud via the Limmud International team for review and payment within 4 weeks of receipt, subject to all necessary information being provided. Please note that payments over £250 will be made by bank transfer. Payments under this amount will be made through PayPal. If you may need a different payment method please make sure to let the Limmud International team know so that this does not delay payment.

5) Limmud team to send participating presenters a consent form to complete to help build a resource of high calibre European Jewish presenters for European Limmud events (Speakers Bureau Directory).


Please direct any questions about the grant, application process or for an update on submissions to international[at]