Getting Started

So you want to start a new Limmud...?

Here's what you need to know

Each Limmud group is an independent volunteer-led organisation. Limmud does not provide funding for groups, we support each group through leadership training, development, networking, mentoring and advice.

Starting a new Limmud is a slow process, but a very rewarding one; it usually takes about 12 -18 months from the initial stages of forming a group, until that group can deliver its first event - but Limmud is here to help you along the way.

The Limmud Connections Team (LCT) aims to support your community through the process of creating a sustainable community, your first event and beyond.

...what we ask of you

The first stage of setting up a new Limmud is for you to establish a group of volunteers interested in creating Limmud in your area, involving as wide a cross-section of your community as you can bring together.

We then ask that your group agrees to Limmud's Core Values & Principles (also available in Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Italian and Spanish). We also ask you to use our Limmud Success Indicators.

We strongly encourage volunteers from new groups to come and experience the original Limmud Festival in the UK (this is held every in late December). We do not usually expect a new group to hold an event without some of its volunteers participating in a Limmud Festival in the UK first. Limmud may be able to offer some subsidy towards the fees. Our experience is that local funders who wish to support a Limmud initiative in their community are usually ready to sponsor or subsidise some of the team attending Limmud Festival in the UK as a first step.

...and what we can offer you

Once you have a viable group up and running, Limmud will send experienced trainers to your location for a training and development seminar, to work through practical problems as well as help your team develop an ever deeper understanding of what makes Limmud so distinctive a model.

Training can take place on weekdays, weekday evenings, weekends and over Shabbat subject to the availability of a suitable trainer who can address your group's needs. Our International Coordinator can provide near-daily support (Monday – Thursday) by email, skype and phone and to help connect you to other Limmud group volunteers who have had similar experiences of developing a new Limmud group.

Once your group joins the Limmud family, it will be part of a network of learning communities which seek to support each other. So, no matter where you are (geographically or developmentally!) your Limmud will be part of a global family.

To get started please contact for more information.