"Take your Limmud learning online with Project Zug"



Limmud Chavruta Project is an international collaboration of Limmud volunteers from a diverse range of Jewish, cultural and geographical backgrounds, who create learning resources for study in pairs.



Project Zug connects Jews with each other - and with Jewish tradition - through weekly one-to-one paired (chavruta) learning.

The Chavruta-Zug collaborations use source material from past Limmud Chavruta books and the insight of Limmud’s favourite teachers in the innovative format of Project Zug’s study courses. These courses combine traditional and modern texts with video supplements to enhance the learning for you and a study partner from the other side of the Jewish world.

The second Chavruta-Zug collaboration, “Am I Responsible?: An Exploration of Jewish and Human Responsibility”, with video supplements of Clive Lawson in conversation with Maureen Kendler, will launch in Spring 2017. (Based on material from section one, ‘The World’, from the 2006 book, Responsibility.

The first Chavruta-Zug collaboration, “Who is Rich?: Judaism and Prosperity”, with video supplements from Jeremy Tabick, launched in Fall 2015. (Based on material from section one, ‘Prosperity’, of the 2012 book, ‘Money’.