Limmud Conference 2011

Escaping the Prison of Halacha (2 of 4)

Matt Plen

Is it possible to be an observant Jew in the modern world without abandoning either the Jewish ideal of obedience to God or the modern value of personal autonomy? We'll be exploring creative responses to this question by three orthodox (or not so orthodox) thinkers. Do they successfully defend traditional Judaism, or do they unwittingly undermine the foundations of Jewish faith? This time: Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik, the leader of twentieth century American modern orthodoxy.


King James Stole Our Bible

Jonathan Romain

At the end of the year celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James edition of the Bible, here is a chance to explore the curious paradox that the Bible is both essential and irrelevant to Judaism today - with both descriptions being true at the same time!


Kosher Gospel Choir Workshop

Joshua Nelson

What is Kosher Gospel Music? What makes Jewish Music Jewish? Join Joshua Nelson, the Prince of Kosher Gospel for a practical workshop. Experience choir singing in true gospel style, learn how to sing Jewish gospel music.


Kosher Sex

Shmuley Boteach

Adults only. Come and discuss a revolutionary approach to intimacy, marriage, and personal relationships, drawing on traditional Jewish wisdom. Based on Shmuley's international best-selling books on love and intimacy, as well as his experience of counselling individuals and couples, we will break down sexual taboos and openly, yet respectfully, discuss the meanings, emotions, and hidden power of sexuality.


Live Slam Poetry

Jonathan B. Tucker

Award-winning Jewish performance poet from Washington, DC, Jonathan B. Tucker will speak on issues of social justice, love, and noodles (among other things) in this featured performance. He will talk about his use of spoken word poetry to organise and ins


Scandals of the Talmud: the Stories They Wouldn't Teach You in Cheder (1 of 4)

Yaffa Epstein

The Rabbi and the Prostitute: Who Owns Holiness? Yes, it's true - Some Talmudic Rabbis would go see Prostitutes... The amazing thing is that the Talmud is not afraid to tell us about this! We will be reading the story, and exploring it's meaning, while also examining the legal context in which this tale is told.