Limmud Conference 2012

A Beginner's Guide to 20th Century Jewish Philosophy (3 of 4)

Tamra Wright

This intensive will introduce thinkers who made a major impact on western philosophy, and explore their perspectives on the nature of self-hood, the relationship with the other, the significance of the Shoah and approaches to interpreting Jewish texts. We will look at a range of thinkers, including Buber, Rosenzweig, Levinas, Jonas and Arendt. Today: 'Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought'


Eros and Education - The Teaching, the Teacher and the Tear

Golan Ben-Chorin

'Eros, the energy of wanting, is as much the energy source in the pursuit of truth as it is in the motion towards pleasure, friendship, fame, or power.' (Schwab) Through the study of the midrashic text of Rabbi Rehumi, explore the tension of passion and discipline in forming a meaningful Jewish life.


Five Lessons Learned from the Arab Spring

Elhanan Miller

The 'Arab Spring' managed to surprise many in the West. Five important lessons the dramatic events of 2011-2012 have taught us about the Arab Middle East will be outlined. Why are we more pessimistic now than we were two years ago


Freestyle Jewish Philosophy: God's Sustenance of the World, and Shakespeare

Sam Lebens

Drawing on diverse sources of inspiration, from chassidic rebbes to post-modernist novelists, in this session I seek to address some old Jewish questions in new ways. How can we be free, if God knows the future? How does God sustain the world? And, how are we able to talk about God if He defies description?


Good Without God

Daniel Reisel

Do we need revelation at Sinai to know the difference between right and wrong? If not, where does our moral sense come from? This session will explore new research that suggests that morality is an innate feature of the human brain. What are the implications of such a view of morality?


Limmud Conference 2012 Breakfast Show 1

Miriam Camerini, Hayden Cohen, Menachem Kaiser, Danny Shine, Gerald Steinberg and Michael Wegier

Hayden Cohen presents the Limmud Breakfast Show podcast featuring guests from across the Limmud stratosphere. This is Limmud Breakfast Show 0.5 featuring Gerald Steinberg, Michael Wegier, Menachem Kaiser, Miriam Camerini and Danny Shine.


Limmud Conference 2012 Breakfast Show 2

Hayden Cohen, Belinda Copitch, Sam Lebens, Marc Shoffren, Yehuda Stolov and Howard Wettstein

Hayden Cohen presents the Limmud Breakfast Show podcast featuring guests from across the Limmud stratosphere. This episode is the Limmud Breakfast Show Christmas Special featuring Yehuda Stolov, Belinda Copitch, Marc Shoffren, Howard Wettstein and Sam Lebens.


Limmud Conference 2012 Breakfast Show 3

Hayden Cohen, Selwyn Dorfman, Alex Israel, Clive Lawton, Revital Shloman, Emily Simons and Barend Velleman

Hayden Cohen presents the Limmud Breakfast Show podcast featuring guests from across the Limmud stratosphere. The Third Limmud Breakfast Show features Emily Rose, Revital Shloman, Selwyn Dorfman, Clive Lawton, Barend Velleman, Alex Israel and Ivor Dembina.


Repairing the People while Repairing the World

Avraham Infeld

A crazy dream: the Jewish People getting the Noble Prize for Tikun Olam - a remedy to what really ails us.


The Arab Minority in Israel and the Future of the Jewish State

Dov Waxman

One in five citizens of Israel are Arabs. What does this mean for the country's future? Can Israel be a Jewish state and satisfy the needs and aspirations of its Arab minority? We will tackle this crucial question and examine the status of Israel's Arab minority and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel today.


The Dutch Liturgical Tradition

Warren Bank

After an introduction to the Western Sephardic community, we listen to extracts of prayers and poems performed by a variety of soloists and choirs in rare recordings of this exquisite, joyful and uplifting music, most of which was composed from the late 1600's onwards and which is still sung in the prominent Sephardic congregations of Amsterdam, London and New York.


The Forthcoming Israeli Elections - a Guide to the Perplexed

David Newman

David Newman will lay out the issues, the strategies, the parties and the personalities who will be contesting the Israeli elections in January. He will note the impact of recent events, such as the Gaza War and the upgrade in status for the Palestinian state at the UN, on the likely outcome. He will look at the latest opinion polls and the role that these have in determining the final outcome of the elections.


The Soul: a Kabbalistic View

Eliyahu Yaakov

As opposed to the way people usually think about religion, Kabbalah teaches that we are not separate from God, but essential aspects of God. Upon internalising this essential principle, we become empowered by our immeasurable significance and the unique role we each play as a one-of-a-kind spark of the Infinite here in the finite realm.


Who's Afraid of God? Why Modern Orthodoxy has run away from Jewish Mysticism

Herzl Hefter and Sam Lebens

Herzl Hefter is a university educated rabbi, schooled in Modern-Orthodox yeshivot. Sam Lebens is a rationalistic analytic-philosopher. And yet they both believe that Kabbalah can deepen your religious experience, helping you feel closer to God. Find out if you have to be on the fringe to be a mystic, or if there's a Kabbalah for the rest of us too.