Limmud Scotland 2010

A woman loved, a woman scorned - the story of Michal

Maureen Kendler

The tragedy of King David's wife Michal, is not that she was never loved. She was loved, just not by her father or the husband she loved. She is the only woman in the Tanach whose love for a man is recorded, but it does her no good at all, as you shall see.


Of heart, soul, conscience and the struggle to be human

Jonathan Wittenberg

Jonathan Wittenberg will read from and speak about his recent book The Silence of Dark Water: an Inner Journey, opening the opportunity to reflect on our life's pilgrimage and our search to discover meaning, appreciate life, behave with compassion and relate to God.


Wow! That's a shul?! Reinventing the synagogue

Steven Greenberg

The fundamental institution of Jewish identity, the synagogue is struggling. Prayer is no longer grabbing people and the cultural offerings available outside the community are increasingly more attractive. Should the idea be scrapped, gutted, renovated? The very first synagogues in the first century CE were town halls where scripture was read and interpreted and hostels where travellers found a meal and a night's rest. If the synagogue has served different needs throughout Jewish history, then what needs should it be serving today?