Limmud After Dark LA

Global Day of Jewish Learning- Hallways and Rooms: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Sherre Hirsch

You will probably be in transition many times in your life. You may be in one now, or the next one may be right around the corner. Will you be prepared? Join Rabbi Hirsch as she shares teachings from our tradition to help us transform these thresholds into opportunities, so we can live fearlessly and regret-free.


Global Day of Jewish Learning- Ugly Men and Beautiful Rabbis: What is Beauty in Judaism?

Yaffa Epstein

Let's face it — looks matter! But should they matter in Judaism? How do looks play a role in the world and in Jewish life? This class will look at the concept of beauty and ugliness in the Talmud, and attempt to gain an understanding how beauty can and should be a part of our lives.


Limmud After Dark LA Musical Havdalah 11 11 17h

Hillel Tigay

Credit to Sal Litvak (the Accidental Talmudist) for filming