Welcome to being a Limmud volunteer! You're one of thousands of Limmud volunteers around the world, each one being part of Limmud's own journey, as all Limmud events are created by a community for a community. Limmud volunteers collectively were named one of the top ten most influential "people" in the UK Jewish community by the Jewish Chronicle.

You can start large or small - it all makes a difference!

If you would like to be part of the dynamic, active and dedicated team bringing you any of our events, please do get in touch, whether for the Conference team, the summer Limmud in the Woods or Regional Limmud community teams around the UK.

We also are always looking for people to help support the organisation as a whole - maybe you can help us with marketing, finance, tech, fundraising or volunteer development - or something else that we haven't even thought of.

Fundraising volunteers

We are looking to set up a team of volunteers, including a volunteer team chair who can operate at board level, to work on our UK and international fundraising and development efforts. Responsibilities include: • assisting in setting up a UK-based development team and series of local fundraising events • working on international fundraising strategies (together with relevant leadership and volunteers) • providing guidance for grant applications • meeting current and potential funders as needed (together with Limmud's Chief Executive and other volunteers) We can provide volunteer training in a variety of fields to support these roles.

Finance volunteers

Our treasurer has concluded his term and so we are looking for a new volunteer treasurer. This is quite a substantial volunteer role as it includes responsibility for:

  • Signing off regular payments and expense claims
  • Keeping track of payment systems and cashflow
  • Preparing the Limmud budget
  • Supervising Limmud's books, preparation of accounts and auditors
  • Taking part in board discussions
  • Support for Limmud staff and volunteers in managing their own budgets and expenditures

We are also looking to build more of a team of volunteers helping with finance and fundraising, so if you are interested in helping us in this area, but not necessarily with the whole role, please do get in touch at volunteers@limmud.org. Financial background or training would be useful but not essential.

Other current volunteer opportunities

At the moment the Conference team particularly welcomes people interested in helping families make the most of Conference. You don't need to have children to take on the role. To find out more email the chairs.

We are also interested in volunteers to help with tech projects, including a refresh of our website and cleaning up our database, and marketing volunteers to help with general communications, especially strategic and fundraising materials.

If you are interested in helping with any of these roles or any Limmud events, please contact volunteers@limmud.org.