Chair of Limmud


The Chair of Limmud is the chair of the board of directors and trustees of Limmud, which is a company and a charity, and is appointed by the board.

The Chair provides overall leadership for Limmud, including in ensuring that there is a strategic direction for the organisation during their tenure, a suitable structure is in place to implement strategy (in infrastructure, volunteers and staff) and that the organisation is positioned for sustainable growth.

The Chair plays an important role representing Limmud, promoting its mission and values to a wide range of stakeholders including volunteers, staff, communal partners, funders and the media.

The Chair of Limmud is active in most aspects of the organisation, in particular senior volunteer recruitment, fundraising, finance and governance.

The following are the key responsibilities of the Chair:
• Arranging and chairing meetings of the board of directors / trustees
• Providing leadership and senior management for the Limmud organisation, including supporting board members in fulfilling their executive portfolios
• Ensuring that Limmud has a strategic direction and oversight that all activities are line with this, including fundraising
• Ensuring that oversight of Limmud events and activities is in place, especially Festival and other national and international events
• Overseeing the work of the Chief Executive and ensuring the organisation is operating effectively
• Providing sign off on various spending items
• Working with international and UK teams to deliver projects and systems

The Chair has a role with Limmud’s fundraising teams to help ensure sufficient funds are raised for core operations. At times this may require one to one meetings with funders as well as written requests and thanks for contributions.

The chair is typically involved in any incident at a major event, and dealing with crises or emergencies. The chair is also involved as a final appeal within a structured process in the event of complaints relating to staff or volunteers.


The nomination committee will be seeking applicants with a range of skills and in depth knowledge of Limmud.

The successful applicant will ideally be expected to have extensive experience of Limmud volunteering. This is expected to include volunteering at a leadership level in the Limmud organisation itself. They will usually prior to that have taken a senior leadership role in delivering Limmud events for their Limmud community. The Committee will be looking for a broad width of Limmud experience, typically across several teams / functions within Limmud as well as experience in delivering events.

Skills at self-organisation and time management are essential, as are people/team-building skills in dealing with a range of volunteers, staff, participants, presenters, funders, partners, etc.

The successful applicant will typically be able to demonstrate a range of personal achievements which show their ability to deal with difficult and stressful situations, ensure that they can provide leadership even under challenging circumstances, and can be decisive when needed to resolve difficult situations.

Whilst this description is framed as ‘chair’ we are also open to having co-chairs for the role and this document should be read accordingly.


Time required: this varies between individuals, but by way of indication, the current chair estimates something of the order of 10-12 hours per week, which includes emails and phone calls, plus some additional meetings. The precise time varies during the year. Time required will also vary on how board portfolios are structured. This includes also serving as supervisor to Limmud’s Chief Executive meeting on a regular basis by phone, over email and when possible in person.

In addition the Chair is expected to attend Festival, the AGM and some other volunteer and Limmud events but it is not necessary to attend most Limmud events in the UK or elsewhere).

Board meetings are held about 9-10 times a year, mostly by telephone, with a preference for at least two a year in person, including at Festival. These do not usually relate to specific events, projects or operations, but rather to the general organisational strategy, overall finance, budget and fundraising and governance and overall operations and addressing occasional major issues which may arise.

Location: most of the role of chair can be done remotely with some board meetings in person as above. If the chair does not live in the UK this will require some travel to the UK, as the UK is where the head office and majority of staff are based, and where our flagship event team is located.

Term: The chair will usually serve a three year term.


Please contact David Hoffman on chair[at] by 31 August 2018. You should enclose a 'Limmud CV' and address your qualifications and experience.