Welcome to being a Limmud volunteer! You're one of thousands of Limmud volunteers around the world, each one being part of Limmud's own journey, as all Limmud events are created by a community for a community. Limmud volunteers collectively were named one of the top ten most influential "people" in the UK Jewish community by the Jewish Chronicle.

Fundraising volunteers

We are looking to expand our team of volunteers working on our UK and international fundraising and development efforts. Opportunities include:

  • helping organise fundraising events, large and small, including parlour meetings and fundraising social and performance events
  • meeting and calling current and potential funders as needed
    We can provide support for these roles but we do need people to help - even just a bit here and there would be appreciated!

Limmud Conference 2017

Programming team - social programming

Social programming can provide some of the moments outside of regular sessions where the most fun is had, real friendships are made, and who knows, even love is found. From early morning walks, to late night parties, via singles events, cookery demos, pub quizzes, and arts and crafts, social programming offers variety, creativity and fun. And we're looking for a group of people with all of those attributes to help put it together and run it. If you are looking to help out with Limmud Conference this year, and think that you can shape the most fun programming track at Limmud Conference with your talents and skills, please email Dan at conf17-programming@limmud.org

Families team co-chair

Conference families team are looking for a co-chair, alongside Gabi Markham, to help organise family activities at this year's Conference, including family programming, babysitting and childcare for the youngest Conference participants. If you're interested, please email the volunteers team at conf17-volunteers@limmud.org

Other current volunteer opportunities

You can start large or small - it all makes a difference!If you would like to be part of the dynamic, active and dedicated team bringing you any of our events, please do get in touch, whether for the Conference team, our summer Limmud in the Woods or your local Regional Limmud community teams around the UK.

We also are always looking for people to help support the organisation as a whole - maybe you can help us with marketing, finance, tech, fundraising or volunteer development - or something else that we haven't even thought of.

Also if you have website design expertise and would be interested in helping us with a refresh of our website, please do get in touch.

If you are interested in helping with any of these roles or any Limmud events, please contact volunteers@limmud.org.